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Our Story

Aunt Louise’s Farm is located in Jefferson County, more specifically Waukeenah, Florida. Our farm is forever growing, expanding and evolving. About 18 years ago we bought ourselves a goat. No one told us that 1 lone goat is an unhappy goat! So, of course, we had to buy another one. Then we bought a few chickens so we could have fresh eggs.

Fast forward to 2018. We now have quite a menagerie of “critters,” as I like to call them. Currently, we have 30 or so goats, Jacob sheep, ducks, alpacas, pigs, guinea fowl, chickens, rabbits, zebu cattle, highland cattle, Great Pyrenees dogs, mini horses, sebastopol geese, turkeys, ,quail and peacocks. (And you never know what Aunt Louise might bring home tomorrow!) We now produce enough eggs to sell, raise a lot of our own meat, and sometimes have our own fresh goat’s milk.

In the fall we open our farm to the public for about six weeks. Entry is $8 per person, children 3 y.o. and under are free. You are able to explore the three-acre corn maze that has lots of scarecrows and silly signs for entertainment. You may also buy snacks to feed the animals, pumpkins, and food at the concession stand. For added fun we have a tour ride with Aunt Louise, a barrel train ride, a rubber duck race, and two corn pits to play in.