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Field Trips

We are now accepting

Field Trip Reservations for 2018 



Aunt Louise’s Farm host's field trips each fall.

The farm will be open for Field Trips from September 25rd through November 16th Tuesday through Friday, so schedule your class trip now.

The Farm is lots of fun and you can learn a lot too.
Here are some of the many things we have here on the farm:

  • A 2.5-acre corn maze to get a little lost in, with lots of scarecrows to count and funny signs to entertain you along the way.

  • A corn pit that’s always a big hit with the kids; it is fun to sit in a giant tub of corn kernels.

  • We also have lots of animals here at the farm; we have goats (big and small), sheep with 4 horns, Zebus (miniature cows), Highland cows, pigs, donkeys, chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, quail. mini horses, rabbits with baby bunnies to hold, geese, and alpacas, an Emu, a tortoise, and almost always some new critter that Aunt Louise could not be without.

  • We have a barrel train and a rubber ducky race.

  • Picnic tables for lunches and/or snacks.
  • Souvenir mini pumpkins available if requested in advance for $1 per person.


The kids get to see everything at the farm with our staff to guide you through your day, learning about the animals along the way.

A minimum of 50 students is required.

$8 per entry: students, parents, siblings, etc. Teachers and bus drivers are free.